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    I went on a mission trip to Ecuador several years ago and snapped some photos with my old 35mm Canon Rebel.They're not gonna win any awards, but something about these two pics in particular grabs me. My wife absolutely LOVES the first one...I'm posting it on her behalf! At the time of these pics, I was just trying to get something to preserve memories...there was no thought of composure, exposure, etc, so they may be a little boring.

    1. We went on a side trip to Cotopaxi (world's tallest active volcano). On the way we passed these two boys on their burros (that's "donkey", right??) holding their puppies. I took the pic from a bus window (I did roll the window down!)

    2. The point of the mission trip was to build a no-charge Christian Daycare center in an extremely poor area of Quito. Most of the households were single mom's who had to leave their children at home while they went to work. They couldn't afford child care, so they left kids unsupervised. A daycare provider in the area only makes about $30-40 a MONTH for watching 30+ kids. So to be so poor that you can't afford this is saying something. These are some of the kids who were left to fend for themselves.

    I tried denoising these a little on Photoshop Elements (for mac if that makes a difference). The picture quality on the CD walmart provided wasn't very good. If you have any idea how to enhance these photos, please do so and let me know what you did!



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