Tripod advice (i did research, just need help pulling the trigger)


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Sep 15, 2012
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Memphis, TN
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Hello everyone. Let me start off by saying i do enjoy every type of photography, from street photography to sports, to landscape. i want a versatile tripod, i have a T3i with kit lens but in the future i do plan on getting a much longer lens, as well as a nice wide-angle (the wide one first as i believe i'd use it more). I think i prefer a ball head that with the panorama feature. I dont mind too much weight either, i can put up with it if its worth it. my budget is probably around $400. I have been looking at kits and have narrowed it to these:

Vanguard Abeo Pro283AB with BBH-200 Ball head
Vanguard Abeo Pro 283AB 3-Section Aluminum Tripod with BBH-200 Ball Head ABEO PRO 283AB

MeFOTO globe trotter carbon fiber
MeFOTO Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit, 26.45 lbs Load Capacity, Black C2350Q2K

Benro C1182TB0 Flat Traveler II

Giottos Tripod

edit: this will be my first tripod, i really like the options that can convert into a monopod too, thanks everyone.
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I use Benro and I'm very pleased with it. The ball head that it comes with is nice, but I bought a different ball head with pistol grip and I love how easy it is to adjust quickly.
I didn't see you mention the Manfrotto 190 series. I have the 190XPROB, and its affordable, light, and very sturdy.
I have a Mefoto, and I am very happy with it. I did a lot of research too. It's made by Benro. You can't beat the features it has. Almost 65"...I wouldn't even consider the Benro product over the Mefoto. The Removable monopod is also a nice feature. the load capacity is outrageous, you'd never exceed that 26lbs.
I'm a dinosaur and have used equipment I bought years ago, so it's probably not appropriate today. I use a slik U212. It's old, but has never failed me. That's all I can ask
Would you guys recommend against getting a kit tripod? There are just so many options it's hard for me to pick one and know if it's good quality, especially because there are no local photography stores.
I decided to look into separate combinations and reading info, i feel like I was searching for a tripod but didn't know all the features other tripods can have. I have decided to go with these legs as the specs seem to meet my needs. Something I can take anywhere and it be stable, durable and weather-sealed locks, not too heavy but not too light, and small enough to travel with. Something I can take for landscape shots, hike with, photograph some sports, but still be able to take some video as well.

Induro AT214
Induro AT214 Alloy 8m 4-Section Tripod, Support 22lbs 472-214

I'm still not sure what head to get but I narrowed it down to these two
Induro BHL1
Induro BHL1 Ball Head with Arca-Swiss Style Quick Release System 479-021

Induro BHD1
Induro BHD1 Magnesium Dual-Action Ballhead Size1 Tripod 479-001

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