New tripod Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB vs Triopo GT-3230X8C


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Feb 14, 2016
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Hey there!

Its my first post here

I just recently upgraded to full frame camera (d750) and the camera is too heavy for my 20 € cheapo tripod and I'm scared that the tripod will break or flip over and damage my camera so i need to buy new decent tripod but my budget is limited to around 200 €. So first i was looking at aluminium tripod from Vanguard -> Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB:

VANGUARD Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminium Tripod with: Camera & Photo

But then i found carbon fiber tripod from Triopo -> Triopo GT-3230X8C:

So where is the catch because i never say 180 cm carbon fiber tripod for 187.98 €. Is the Triopo worth it in terms of build quality or should i just got for Vanguard?

Thank you for your answers!
The Vanguard appears to be a Manfrotto clone, and the Tropo a Giottos. Assuming at least average build-quality, then both are probably decent units, and a lot comes down to personal preference. Things to consider: Availability of quick-release plates; do they use a common design such as Manfrotto or RRS? Can you buy them without a lot of trouble? I agree that the Tropo seems very inexpensive for what it is, and that would make me a little suspicious, but when you don't have to do any real design or engineering work, you can save a lot. Do you need CF? unless weight or extreme cold is a concern I MUCH prefer aluminum for it's rigidity. I also prefer the Manfrotto-style lever locks on the Vanguard over the twist-style of the Tropos. They're much quicker and easier to use.

All other issues aside, make sure you check the load ratings. At a MINIMUM you want a tripod & head which will support at least TWICE the weight of your heaviest body/lens combination.
I just bought a vanguard last week. I really like it so far. It's super stable and build quality is great. I did upgrade to the vanguard tbh-300 ball head and I'm still waiting on that.
I have been using vanguard tripods for years, got a few.

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