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May 14, 2007
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vanguard sbh-50 ball head and a manfrotto 3229 head (234RC)

recently i changed my quick release system (due to theft) and so these heads are available as they don't match the new system

the vanguard has never been used, altho, i no longer have the box. Just put it on a monopod and left in a closet. it has two plates. I was using it's big brother and they are very nice heads

the manfrotto shows signs of use, comes with one plate

Vanguard $50 dollars, Manfrotto $20 plus shipping​
Vangaurd ball heads are excellent, I have one. Good luck on your sale.
I am interested in the 234rc do you take paypal? If so how much with shipping to 17557 pa.? Thanks Dave

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