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Will a Manfrotto Fluid Video Head fit on Vanguard 264AT Legs?


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Jan 5, 2018
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Hello All,

I have a Manfrotto quick release plate on my glidecam 2000. But switching from my glidecam to my tripod is difficult because I must switch bases due to my tripod being a different brand. I was hoping to be able to get a Manfrotto fluid head for my vanguard legs. This would allow me to quickly switch between my glidecam and tripod. I'm not sure if you can put a Manfrotto fluid head on a Vanguard tripod. Any help?
I have a Manfrotto ball head on my Vanguard tripod and it works great. I have had it almost a year now with no problems. I'm not as sure about the fluid heads but it should be fine, I think it is the quarter 20 screw.
As Ron said, pretty much any head will fit any lets (except for the very cheapest stuff, and some very, very specialized stuff). Legs and heads normally have a 3/8 NC thread and 1/4 NC is used by the camera and mounting plate.
As these guys just said, any head should fit. It's just a matter of 1/4 or 3/8 thread. According to the Vanguard site yours should have came with a 3/8th adapter. My 263AT legs did.

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