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    Do you wish to make your studio mobile? Bring your studio flash to the beach or at the park? And be able to explore the world more?

    Log-on to and find out about Tronix Explorer 1200, the best portable power supply for most flash units you can get your hands on.

    Very affordable: It is one of the lowest-priced portable power supplies available in the market today at USD 249.
    Very Versatile: It is a pure sine wave inverter that works well with most types of flash units 150 Ws up to 1200 Ws. It uses an autovolt charging system so that you can charge it anywhere in the world.
    Extreme Power: It can generate up to 1000 full power flashes for 300 Ws flash units with 2 to 5 seconds cycle time.
    Portable: It only weighs 15.4 lbs. Compact. Easy to carry with a rubber handle.
    Safe: It has short circuit and overload protection on the output.

    With the Tronix Explorer, your reliable power supply for your lighting gear, you can now "bring" your "studio" whenever, wherever. To see more, click this link:

    Now I've said my piece, have your eyes set on this thread for more......:wink:

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