Trouble deciding on Camera...G12 or Fz 150


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Jan 19, 2012
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Debated, read reviews, watched videos, and still stuck... I have narrowed it down to 2 cameras, the canon g12 and the panasonic fz150. I want something more than a point and shoot but do not see my self buying extra lens and carrying arounf a big bag of stuff everywhere I go. I do want it to perform well in low light, with or without flash. If I understand correctly the G12 has a bigger sensor and might do better at lowlight than fz150 (?).Is the fz 150 too big to carry around as an everyday camera, is one concern. THe G12 does not zoom on video mode, Although I do understand there is a hack that can make that possible, but how good does that work? I have seen a video of someone using zoom with g12 but it seemed they would have to focus by pressing shutter every time they moved. I like the swivel screen. I want the swivel screen which is why I eliminated the nikon P7100, which does have zoom on video. ANyone have any advice that would be a deciding factor to throw me over the edge and commit?
For me, the SINGLE most important factor is this: No review in the world can possibly tell you HOW a particular camera feels in your hands. Go out to a retailer that carries the models you are interested in and put your hands on them. One camera will talk to you, it will feel just right and THAT is the camera you will end up spending more time with as it feels most comfortable to YOU. It doesn't matter that this camera does this, or that camera does that, which one would YOU feel most comfortable carrying around? It might surprise you what you end up buying, rather than what you set out to buy. Cheers!
Once you find two equivalent cameras, you may feel them in your hand and decide. In this case, cameras are very different: the choice cannot be done only on comfort. You may end up buying a bed instead of a car ;) .
G12 is a highly reputable camera, with a somewhat large sensor for its kind, also appreciated by professionals (and better than most other compacts, including FZ150). It is also larger than it seems, though smaller than FZ150. If you go there: Canon Powershot G12 Review: 6. Compared to: RAW: Digital Photography Review , you may select FZ150 and ISO 800/1600 to see difference in a standard image. G12 zoom is much shorter than FZ150 - one reason for image quality. However, if you need the long reach, there is no choice than FZ150 or its peers.
I do not know about video, but it is a crucial feature for you, obviously take care of its aspects. Regarding size, here people typically go around with dSLR, so it is difficult to judge :) .
I would add an extra hypothesis: if you care of size and video and not of zoom, look at Canon S100. Almost the same good sensor as G12, 5x zoom but starting wider (24mm equivalent: interesting), and AF and zoom available during video. Much smaller than the other two. On this category you will find a good competitor also on Panasonic side (LX5).

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