Trouble formatting my card!!! Help!!!


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Dec 14, 2007
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Orlando, FL
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I just got a new Olympus E-500 and Im having trouble formatting the xD Picture card to the camera. The screen keeps on displaying a card error message even after multiple attempts to format. I may be doing something wrong, do you have any tips on how to correct this?
What brand card? If it is a basic noname then I would suspect the card. I am totally addicted to the Sandisk Extreme IIIs' myself. Also the Sandisk Ultra IIs' are good budget cards.
Its a Fiji Film xD card
but i figured it out a few hours after i posted this but thanks so much for your suggestions :)
Then please share the solution incase someone has a similar problem and decides to search the forum.
oh i guess since this is my first DSLR (ive been working with film for awhile) it was just a bit hard for me to figure out the whole card formatting thing but the only thing that was throwing me off was that the option to format the card was under a different submenu.
If you have an Olympus EVOLT E500 you can find the instructions on how to get to that submenu in the advanced manual , I believe its on page 26.

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