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Dec 5, 2012
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Toronto Canada
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Testing my new toy, my new camera.
Feedback is welcome, also which do you like better the colour or B&W version ?


It like the B&W version a little more because I find that the color at the end of the tunnel distracts from the light and texture of the tunnel itself.

Perhaps you could reshoot at night when there would be no light or less light on what is outside the tunnel.
I like the first one a lot better, I feel like the image loses something in the black and white version
I like the color version better. I think this image would work great if you had the background dark so you couldn't see it. Like the tunnel led to nothingness. Shoot at night, do some selective pp, maybe try a starshine for the lights.... Voila! Just try some different stuff, either way - reshoot! This image looks good on its own though, I just see potential for improvement.
Interesting, I will try another shot when there is less light, thanks for the comments.
+1 B&W

Shows more texture and detail in the tunnel that the viewer can zero in on rather than being distracted by the color portion at the end of the tunnel.
I can see both arguments for both color and B&W, but above all you were lucky in capturing such a good dynamic light range.
For me the B&W takes it, it looks like a great find to shoot. I was thinking what it would be like if you could get someone to sit in the far ligthed section, back against the wall but not looking at the camera. That would really grab
This is more or less my vision for it... but that's just me, and I could see it being better.


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