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#1 – Looking for a story here, not finding one. Not sure what you want us to see. I find the reddish/pinkish tone of the background somewhat distracting. Perhaps a B/W treatment would work better here, as I don’t see color contributing to the image. The fact that the background is both brighter and fairly clearly discernible, distracts from the detailed image of the wheel. I don’t see the data in the EXIF, so I don’t know what f/stop you shot with, but I get a sense that having a thin DOF would have helped this shot. In terms of composition, my eye enters the image at the center of the wheel, but then hunts around, not sure what to look for next, and keeps on straying to the bright OOF background items.

#2 – The pattern of the wall is interesting, but the stuff above the window is not. If you’d crop the image at the line just above the window, you may have a stronger image. The sky visible through the window is ok, but the sky in the upper left does not contribute.

#3 – It’s an interesting study of decrepitude, but you missed getting repeating elements – the window frame in the center could have been echoed in the window on the upper left (which you cut off) and the window at the bottom (which you cut off as well). The DOF is good. The black area above the window bothers me as it has no detail, yet is a pretty large and prominent part of the picture. I’m wondering if this is a situation where some fill light on the interior would have benefited the image.

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