Twilight snowstorm


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Nov 27, 2008
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South Eastern United States
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When I saw this light I ran for my camera and got one shot off before the light went away. I handheld my HP 735 on cloudy white balance setting and auto everything else.

C & C appreciated.


Have you tried lightening it up in post processing, at the moment it's a bit dark, so we can't see that there is a snow storm going on :)
I did try lightening it, but the scene was just to dark to pick up any flakes coming down. When I used flash all I got was a few white flecks on black. I know it was snowing, but all I got with the camera was the color of the light. It was only about 5 minutes from being to dark to see any color besides the streetlights.

Lesson learned, label photos with what can be seen in them, not what I know was happening but wasn't captured in the shot.

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