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Jul 24, 2010
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First part is I'm looking for a prime lens for some low light shooting, indoor shots, but without a flash (still using the pop-up for now). Is the Nikon 50mm f1/8 a good match for me? I have a D40x, so I know I wont get auto focus, but like I said it's simple indoor stuff so I can manage doing that my self, plus it would probably be good practice either way.

Second, can anyone recommend a good monopod? I know I a tri-pod is probably more cost efficient, but a lot of sporting arenas do not allow tri-pods but mono pods are ok, and this would be it's primary function.

Sub 100 on the mono pod if possible.

Thanks in advance.
The 50mm 1.8 is a decent lens, however, I think the lack of autofocus is going to be pretty frustrating.
The 50mm 1.8 is a decent lens, however, I think the lack of autofocus is going to be pretty frustrating.

I thought I had read somewhere that it will still flicker the focus bracket when it's correct, even though it's done manually. At least this was my understanding which is why I said it probably wouldn't be a big deal for me. If this isn't true than I may need to rethink my potential purchase.
You are correct. Though the lens (or camera) doesn't have a focus motor, it does have the electronics to report distance information to the D40x's CPU, so the D40 can turn on the in-focus indicator in the viewfinder.

Many people today have never done manual focus, and freak out if they ponder doing it. Sometimes, even when autofocus is available, manual focusing is really the only option.

I used the AF 50 mm f.1/8D alot with a D60 (which is pretty much like a D40X) and had no significant problems doing manual focus. When I started doing photography manual focus was the only option.

With practice you can get pretty good doing manual focus with that lens.

Go beyond focus, and then come back to it, for the best results.
Oh how I love impulse buys.

Best Buy is running a promo. No interest on SLR purchases 799 and up, if paid in full in 36 months. I'm now the proud owner of a D90 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.8

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