Boom stand for a beast?


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Sep 7, 2010
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Manfrotto's Heavy Duty Boom Stand with 15 lb. counterweight should be adequate.
I think you're looking for a Century or C-Stand, Hollywood style. 20lbs is a lot. For that kind of weight, an air cushioned stand would be a priority for me.

I have this one, but I'm not sure it will handle 20lbs at full extension, surely not without additional counterweights.
Here's the link. I have two of these, and both are over 20 years old...these are very durable and a good value for the money spent. Maximum weight load is 66 pounds,so its maximum load is roughly 3x the weight of the light, plus a bit more. It's always good to have some safety margin.

Manfrotto Heavy Duty Boom and Stand - Black 085BS - B&H Photo

Having the castors on the base keeps the light from being tipped just rolls whenever somebody bumps into it or trips on the cord...always keep the cord clipped to the BOTTOM of the light stand's center column area, as close to the floor as possible...that way when (not if, but "when") somebody trips on the light cord, the pull is low to the ground,and the light stand rolls or slides sideways,and does not topple over. Use the cable clips that come with this boom stand and you're golden.
It's standard practice to run the cable down the upright and through/under a leg so that the pull is low down.

I suggest getting enough weights so that the weights outweigh the light and Mola. You really want the boom to be balanced when fully loaded without having the boom holder tightly clamped. This makes adjustments safe and easy.

The boom should have a maximum load of at least 20 lbs when extended to the working distance. I like the Matthews Magic Stand which is a combo boom stand (the boom is built in). It is very versatile and sturdy.

Yep as Derrel said. The Manfrotto with 15# counter weight. I have 3 of these and they never let me down. A big soft box with speedo head or speedo gridded beauty dish.

Tip ~ get extra 15# counter weight and put it at base of stand.
Thank you everyone for your helpful information!


Does the Manfrotto's Heavy Duty Boom Stand come with weights?

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