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Aug 11, 2010
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two pictures tell me what you think please.

Adidas Dive
"Beer" - the reflected light seems a bit harsh. are you using a soft-box or anything infront of the light source to soften the light? if not try that.

"Adidas Dive" - the White Balance is off here no? The entire photo has a tint (pink?). If I had to guess you need stronger light here. Interested to know how you metered this one; maybe another member can reverse that from the result.
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yep ok thanks for the help.
and for the beer one i had nothing in front of the light so ill try that.
Adidas one on the camera it was white but on the computer it was pink but i am new to this and i will try again to get it right.
thank you
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I agree that the flash on #1 is a bit distracting. Otherwise, I like that you captured it with all the condensation on it.

I wonder if these photos might be a time that it's better to have the subject centered. The both feel like they are unintentionally off-center to me.
The camera is a bit too high up in shot #1, and it would be nice to have some light reflected back into that dark beer bottle. Try taping a piece of trimmed,white cardboard right onto the back side of the bottle, or even a silvery foil-like material, to get some light bouncing back and around inside the beer bottle. Many beer and wine photos use reflectors right on the back side of the bottles. The foval length of the lens is too short, causing the "shoulder" area of the bottle to look larger than the middle/bottom areas...your lens is distorting the need a longer focal length, from farther back.

On the Adidas cologne shot, again, the camera's point of view is a tad bit too high, looking down on the bottle, making it look less-than-dominant. Also, the white balance and color tint both look off...the pinkish hues are kind of feminine...not a good product shot...also, these need some kind of props to augment the the beer on needs a pilsner glass, or a mug, or a glass and a sandwich..and OPEN the cap!!!! Even putting the cap into the shot would help.
OCD says pls to be straightening #2. It's off just enough that with the strange crop, it looks off balance. Quick fix :) (These forums have turned me into the horizon monster, everything needs to be STRAIGHT)
ok thanks for the help

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