UGH! How do I get rid of that SHADOW!!!!


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Sep 8, 2010
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My living room was I used the flash...and the shadow is driving me insane! How do I get around that if I am in a dim lit room??



You need the clone tool and then the band aid tool. (PS Elements 5.0 terms) When using the clone tool you may have to use less than 100% and gently apply the color instead. It is a lot of work but worth it. I just did a number of these removals for church directory photos. The result is obviously like night and day. For example it can subconsciously make a dark haired person appear to have a big lopsided head in some smaller sized photos.
Did you mean in-camera, or in editing? In camera, your best solution is to get more ambient light in the room so that you don't need to use your camera's on board flash.
Turn the camera the other way, so the shadow will go more behind the subject....shooting with the shutter button down toward the floor, instead of the shutter button on top. Otherwise, learn to love the anchor shadow.
to prevent it from happening again reduce the flash power and increase the exposure. To increase the exposure slow the shutter way down and open up the aperture. Also a diffuser of some kind will help like a bounce card or a flash modifier to help soften the light.

If this doesn't make sense then there are some good sticky links at the top of this forum that will explain what I'm saying further. Look into the exposure triangle.
I'm learning SO much! Thanks you guys!!!
Use an apparently bigger light source, like bouncing the light off the ceiling, though you must be careful not to get 'racoon eyes'.

You can also use a 'bounce card' to throw part of the upwards bounce light forward to light the eye sockets. Peter Greggs ABBC ABetterBounceCard for Canon Flash Nikon Flash and Digital Cameras | abbc is abetterbouncecard for canon flash nikon flash and better flash photography

An apparently large light source makes the shadows much softer, less noticable, and lets the light wrap around the subject more.

Better yet is to get the light off the camera on a light stand and modify the light (make it apparently bigger) with a photographic umbrella or a softbox.

Impact Digital Flash Umbrella Mount Kit DFUMK - B&H Photo Video

Westcott Apollo Speedlight Set 2202 - B&H Photo Video

Photek Umbrella - Softlighter II - 60" SL-6000 - B&H Photo

Photek Umbrella - Softlighter II - 46" SL-5000 - B&H Photo
I like the looks of that softlighter 60", not to jack the thread but could I light that with a regular speedlight? Guide # 140@50mm?
The easiest way is to bounce the flash off the (white) ceiling or a flash card. By simply moving the subject farther from the background will give improved results.
Bounce it, or do what Derrel said, take the picture with the flash on top (so the shadow is behind the subject, not to the side)
I've wrapped toilet paper over the flash to help it not leave such sharp shadows.
I have some really thin hats I use during the summer to play golf in and they are white. So I have been know to use them!
Just go drop $150 on the Canon Speedlite 270EX. It doesn't rotate left and right but will point up and down. You can bounce of of the ceiling and fill nicely. I use mine for a light alternative to my 430 and it does a fine job.

SOOC Taken with my 270 bounced off the ceiling...


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