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May 12, 2006
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Hey Im Chloe and im from manchester UK, im a "wanna be" photographer.

Im almost 19 and ive wanted to be a proffensional photographer since i was 10 years old.

Im really looking forward to joining in and looking at other's works aswell as being commented on my own. Hoping to learn new things that will help me improve too :)

Other than photography im a poker fan (though no longer any good lol) and i enjoy the simple things in life.

looking forward to talking to you all! x x x
Hi and welcome to the Mad house :lol:
Hello Chloe, welcome to our insane Forum.:lol:
i like mad and nice people so im sure i will love it here! thanks for all the nice replys!
PlasticSpanner said:
Just up the road! :lol:

Welcome! :) always nice to have new people from the UK. :thumbup:

hey! indeed it is! hi :) and its nice to meet you!

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