Ultimate air dog.


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Feb 3, 2008
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I was shooting Dog Fest 1013 today and one of the events was ultimate air dog. A lot of fun and the dogs sure loved it. People had a hard time getting them to come out of the water! LOL. This was my favorite shot of the day.
Thank you, and of course I meant Dog Fest 2013! not 1013 LOL
Nice one. I just missed such a great air dog with one of my pooches the other day:

This is Zara going after a Johnnyrook, she loves chasing them (zero chance of catching those wily devils though) and was soooo high, unfortunately I was not ready and only got her coming down.

Nice Shot Benco. I give Zara an A for effort!!
The dogs would run down the platform and as it got near the end someone would throw a toy in the air and the dog would leap off the platform try to catch it and splash!

This last one looks like the dog is bracing for impact.... I love it.

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