Umbrella AND Softbox?

I've heard mixed things about them. I understand that they're much more stable outdoors than a straight up umbrella, as they don't have much of a way to trap a wind gust.

As far as Quality of Light, I'm not quite sure. If you're just getting into the strobing game, this should be fine for your needs.
I use something very similar.... and love it. SL6000 Photek Softliter 60" Diffused Umbrella. Puts out very nice light! My main concern with the cheap Ebay knockoffs is the quality of the materials used. You can get some serious color shifts in your light if they use a cheap diffusing fabric... and some bad hot spots if the umbrella isn't designed properly.
I use this lastolite every time I shoot outdoors, no matter if its with my real light or little strobes.

Huge advantages: better in wind, softer light than my bare umbrellas, major strong build quality, 2 seconds to set up compred to a softbox.

Disadvanatges over soft box are about the same as any umbrella regarding less control of spillage/where the lights goes
I have the Apollo softbox made by Westcott which is also an umbrella. Just like the one you mentioned, but not in Octagon shape.
I have the 28" Apollo and 50" Wescott Apollo. They are handy but not good in windy conditions. You definitely need support like sandbags.
Octoboxes. They're pretty common. Gives a nice catch light in the eyes if you are looking for that glittery look. I prefer the strip boxes myself. Easier to feather light with.

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