Unashamed puppy photos

OMG what a little cutie! The first and third shots are just priceless!

My wife and I have a pup as well...she's a husky/shepherd mix and she's nearly 8 months old now. We've had her since she was 8 weeks, so yea...those puppy shenanigans are all to fresh in my memory! LOL!
Hide the slippers and shoes

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do the two dogs like each other?
do the two dogs like each other?

The three dogs get on fine, though the puppy wears them down. The two house cats tolerate her. I did turn round the other day to fine a puppy alone and somewhat lost running around the coffee table while two cats and a dog were sleeping peacefully out of reach along the back of the sofa.
These brought back memories when we brought Sultan (Our Tib mastiff) home many moons ago and had to apply black pepper to all the sofa's. God rest his soul but these are Yum shots. Thank you.

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