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Dec 14, 2003
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F@cking Hell
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disturbing Chiller............ :thumbup:
I'm not one for having nighmares but that photo could do it.

Does the model work cheap?
heeey........ nice one chiller, you look quite evil...... george romero eat ya heart out....... literally!...... makes me wanna try this zombie thing now, dont reckon i'd make a good one tho :lol: good stuff :thumbup:
Thanks everyone. Appreciate your comments.
Fredcwdoc..Im cheap..I just get one of me to pose for myself.:lmao: :lmao:
Now you just need to learn how to groan and stagger, and you can be in a zombie movie!
One thing that just kind of bugs me a little bit, though, is that the hand seems a bit too... clean for a zombie. Some weird hollywood-influenced part of me thinks that it should be bloody, or at least really dirty and scratched-up. Just a thought!
Good eye Wendy. I added a bit of speckle to the hand, but maybe it needs more. I basically judged by the over saturated lightsource. Thanks soo much for your help.
Do you do any movie special effects?
awesome work.. creepy stuff!! are you gonna replace your avatar soon? ;)
Argh! Aim for the head!

Now that is creepy! If you're not in the movie industry already you should be; the dark side needs people like you to keep the horror genre alive in the face of abominations like When a Stranger Calls... ok rant over! Great work, keep 'em coming!
Thanks again. Appreciate your comments.
ZaphodB...got more in the works. :lmao:
Nah...I wish I worked for a studio. Would sure be a dream come true.
Ahhh.. I like what you did with that hand now -- how gross!

And, no, I dont do movie effects... My husband just really likes zombie movies :)

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