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Apr 25, 2016
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Northeastern Pennsylvania
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Cicada 2.png

I thought this might be a stage of a cicada, but can't find an example that looks like this. Anyone know what it is? I am in northeastern Pennsylvania, and the insect is on a cattail above the water of our little pond, so perhaps an aquatic insect of some sort.
Thanks for looking and especially for help in identification.
I just spent a couple of days in eastern PA and man those Cicadas certainly are loud. But sorry, no idea what that is.
Ok, I believe it is a dragonfly nymph. My wife saw a large dragonfly on the other side of the same leaf when she first noticed this.
Yes and it looks like the adult is soon to come out
I got busy with the spare room we are doing in preparation for the daughter and family coming in a couple weeks and missed the emergence, unless that is what my wife saw with the adult dragonfly with this one.
Nice shot. I found some pics of dragonfly nymphs and I think what's in your pic is one.
Thanks, Kirk. I am fairly certain also now.

I took this photo a few minutes ago and you can clearly see it is a shed skin at the moment:

Nymph's Shed.png

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