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Mar 10, 2009
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Come on people. Is this so bad ???

Helloooooooooo .............................


Thx anywhay


i really like this shot actually.
i like the silhouette and the path that leads through the doorway.
nicely done :)
Definitely NOT bad, not bad at all. I like the interesting shape of the light portion against which the man is silhouetted, and the way you framed it.
I like the lines and the bricks on the side of the frame, add good dimension to the shot.

The composition is nice overall, however I'm not a fan of the amount of black in the top of the archway. Hard to control, I know, but I find it removes from what I see is the main subject, the silouhette.

But hey, way better than what I can do :)

As for the lack of replies, I have seen a trend where you either get replies if you picture is sub par, and you get people giving pointers and tips, or if the picture is really amazing. So the 60% of pictures in between get a few replies. Nothing bad, most of mine go by without many replies too :)
It could be the timing too...many spots in North America are currently on 'March break', so there could be a lot fewer people on line here if they're away on vacation with the kids.
Thank you all for your reply. I'm glad you like it. :cheers:

... however I'm not a fan of the amount of black in the top of the archway....

Yes you are right, I've noticed after you told me :blush2: . I'll try to return to the raw file and see if I can change something... Many thanks. ;)
I like it, if I were you when you shot this I would have struggled with setting the focus on the sillouette and the doorway.

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