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May 25, 2012
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I'm sorry to say I don't get much from this; I can't really see a definite subject, and there's a lot of dark/under-exposed areas with little or no detail visible.
It appears you were shooting through a natural "frame" from the tree in the foreground. The tree limbs themselves have nice texture and tonality. :thumbup:

For me, the problem is looking through the "frame" into the beyond - leading the eye into a dark, out of focus background. A deeper DOF would bring that background more into the image and give us something to look at - another tree, a person, statue, animal, etc. in this spot would make this a totally different image. Hope that makes sense! :)
@tirediron: I agree about the subject. I think I have been trying too hard lately to find good images.
@terri: I wasn't thinking about it being a natural frame. With that in mind, I see what you mean. There is something missing from the frame.
I think it's a fine abstract, with a lot to like about it. An interesting collection of shapes and tones, nicely balanced, with nice unity and variety.

The problem I see with it is what terri pointed out, the picture's structure invites us to look into that natural frame, look past the tree, and there's nothing there. I don't mind that there's no well-defined subject, there doesn't need to be a deer there, or a person, or whatever. There needs to be something visually interesting there, be it an interesting object or simply some more interesting forms.

Or try this direction, which is to reduce the interest back there and try to avoid leading the eye into it:

Amolitor- Thanks. I think your edit works much better.

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