Upcoming photographer

Seems like a typical "instagram fauxtographer" to me. If she wants feedback then have her come to the forum and post one or two of her photos that she wants critiqued specifically. Otherwise, this is pointless.
She can see a bit. A bit of a tendency to get in too close, and relies a bit heavily on instagram filters to generate an interesting image, but there are signs on that instagram stream that she has a bit of a photographic eye. All I can really say is general themes though, without specific pictures and specific requests for critique.
I gotta agree with Snakeguy101.
Thanks for the help. A lot of her pictures are actually edited with her graphic design program, not Instagram though because she has been doing graphic design for 5 years.
Some of her graphic design work that incorporates photographs is interesting. She uses a lot of vibrant color - I like for example the paint splatterd looking image of the ferris wheel using color and pattern.

I see potential and agree she seems to be seeing interesting photos in what's around her. She seems to have skills in using balance in composing images; I'd encourage her to keep working at it and keep developing her skills. (And read the terms & conditions anywhere she's posting her pictures - my motto lately seems to be to get informed and protect your work.)
Hello my girlfriend is a new photographer. I just wanted to see what you guys thought about some of her work.

Did you really join a photography forum just to promote your girlfriends Facebook and Instagram. (Yes we know you just joined because you have 3 posts and two of them are in this thread)

It would be awesome if she could gain some tips and learn about what to improve.

Why isn't she the one asking for feedback?

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