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Feb 2, 2012
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Austin, TX
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Hi there,I've been doing photography for almost a year and I have gotten a lot of experience. Right now I use a Sony a330, when I worked for a studio we used Nikon D200's. This year I plan on doing more gigs, I have a few hair shoots coming up and I would like to upgrade before then. I would love to get the Canon 7D but its a but out of my price range at the moment. On top of a new computer and editing software I need a new camera, lens and speedlite. My question is, which camera should I upgrade to? Should I just upgrade my lens for now?I ultimately want to get a Canon so I kind of feel like it would be a waste if I upgrade just my lens only to turn around a get a Cannon body. I do Portraits so I was thinking of switching to a telephoto lens up to $1300.Any suggestions?
What do you find lacking with your current camera?

You'll get a lot more mileage out of better lenses and lighting, that you will out of a new camera body.

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