Upgrading from a Canon A540 to DSLR


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Dec 25, 2008
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I'm new to this forum so excuse me if this posting is long. I've been looking to switch from a point and shoot for awhile. Making the switch wasn't such a big deal until a few people saw my photos and want to use them in publicity material and the shutter button broke off. The Canon that I use is fine for posting photos on the web but I want to do prints and produce some for professional type of photos. I've checked out the Nikon D90, D80, and D60. I'm still a student so budget is limited, however I'm not sure about buying used cameras. Any suggestions??
Well, the D60, D80, D90 are all good cameras. Some like used, some don't -- it depends on your tolerance for risk and your budget. If you go that way, just buy it from a reputable place.
Nothing wrong with going used, as long as you know your getting good stuff. Alot of times used stuff is in great shape because the people who bought them never did anything with it. "Dust collectors". Decent used prices are around $300 -$500 for starter DSLRs, Nikon or Canon.
It depends on who used them.
get a nice new Canon EOS XS, they are like $499 brand new with a 18-55mm kit lens on B&H. great midrange camera. I am getting one hopefully come June :)

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