Urth filters

Has anyone used these filters.?
Brand is very heavy on virtue-signaling. Optically? Doubt it's any better than major brands' mid-market product. I'd buy a good grade Hoya and shoot away.
Never have used them. On the site Urth does say that with every filter sold they will plant 5 trees......somewhere?

I have a couple of URTH ND filters. They perform well, no color cast. Their camera straps are nice too. For filters, I use the high end B+W filters.
I picked up an Urth circular polarizer and have no complaints. The glass quality is good, isn't prone to much dust or fingerprinting. Images have all come out clean. I believe if I remember right they used to be called Gobe?
If I had one complaint about them is they are seriously thin rings and I find it difficult to remove at times. I carry a filter wrench with me just in case. More a usability problem than a quality one. Quality seems spot on.
I have a couple too. Never carried out a like for like comparison but no complaints so far.
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