Using "antique" equipment (Excited!)


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Jul 7, 2003
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Portland OR USA
I am very excited. I finally decided that I AM going to try out this old Kodak Duaflex III camera and flash that I got when my great grandmother died. I've had it for over 10 years and always wondered what it would be like to try it out, but never got around to it. Until today, when the preparations began. I went to the photo store and found that they do indeed have some flash bulbs that will work in the flash, so I got 5 of them. They don't carry 620 film tho, so I wrote a check out to Film for Classics and I will mail it off tomorrow so I can get 2 rolls of 620 b&w film to use in my camera.

Will I look totally cool shooting with this or what? ;) (Actually this one has a different lens, the Kodar, while mine has the Kodet. But those pics didn't show the flash attached.)


Has anyone else tried using old inherited stuff?

(and yes, I know that I could use 120 film, but I only have one spool right now. I will get 120 and rewind onto 620 spools once I have another, provided that I can get any decent pictures from the thing anyway... gotta try though!)
I inherited this an old rolleiflex from my dads collection. It is a WWII camera and it was collecting dust. I need a ground glass and probably a lens cleaning before I use it. The lens is a Zeiss Tessar that is not coated.
Mind, you lucky thing!
Ive always wanted an old brownie myself.
that looks gorgeous. get that baby out and shoot!
Shot my first roll today! It works!! Actually captured more light than I thought it would (or maybe my development was just off, it was too hot today...) Probably no great pics, because the wide angle of the lens just threw me off, since I've never had a wide angle to use, plus the whole backwards image in the viewfinder takes a bit of getting used to. But it was fun.... first time shooting medium format, first time using the old camera... I have another roll to play with, plus the 5 flash bulbs still too, so I need to figure out a good flash worthy subject...
Glad you're having fun and it looks a neat piece of kit, don't forget to post some shots!

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