Using Canon FL lenses with FD-EF adapter?


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Aug 29, 2010
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Hi folks!

I recently bought a Canon FL 50/1.4, Tele-Lentar Auto 135/2.8, Super-Lentar 28/2.8, and a Vivtar Automatic Tele Converter 2x-4. All lenses use the old FL lens mount. (The lenses also came with a non-working Canon FT QL camera, that I really wished would work). I already have a Canon FD lens with an FD-EF adapter. Will the FL lenses fit the FD-ED adapter properly?

I believe that all of Canon's breech lock and bayonet lenses are interoperable, and that the differences are really of little consequence in practical terms, like mounting, and shooting pictures. I am assuming you bought these new, old lenses from an online auction or something, and that they are on their way to you...when the lenses get there, I think they will mount to the adapter.
Thank you for your input. I have the lenses on hand, but the adapter is my apartment in Sweden. I found some information stating that the FL lenses will fit FD bodies (i.e. my adapter), but that "stop-down metering" is necessary.
Physically FL and FD mounts are the same. The difference is is in metering method: FL requires stopping down, FD not.
Neat! I have an FD 50/1.4, but the center of the image is really foggy. Hopefully the FL 50/1.4 is better.

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