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Using manual lenses with digital camera.


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Mar 20, 2009
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Northern New York
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I want to buy a digital camera and I have a few nikon lenses. If I buy just the body I can save some money. My lenses are manual focus, and they work with the metering in my FE.
Will I be able to use these with a d60 or the like?
I believe that if your lenses are not too old, they will work fine. My D40 is not happy if the lens is so old that there is no CPU to provide aperture and focal length data, for example. However, it's just fine with CPU manual-focus lenses.

It's kind of fun to use manual focus lenses on the D60, because its exposure bar turns into a very fine-grained focus indicator.
Hey your Nikon FE uses at minimum AI lenses which will work very well on several Nikons. I am not sure about the D60 but you can find the manual for the D60 on the internet and there will be a complete compatibility chart in the back including what you lose with various lenses, and specific lenses that will not work.
It looks iffy but all my lenses will work with the d200 so I guess I will wait a bit longer till I can afford one.
Thanks for all the imput.

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