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Sep 22, 2015
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This is probably a total Noob question, but who cares, I don't know any of you :) I shoot with a nikon d7000 and variety of lenses (35m up to 300m). I am still learning obviously, but I am often at the beach and currently have just a cheap UV filter (i know I know - stupid) I picked something up at the local walmart on my way to the beach one weekend bec I know I needed something to protect from the sand, and haven't upgraded yet. What is a suggestion of one to get that degrade the quality of my lens?

B+W is the top brand in thread-on filters. Also the Hoya Pro1 series are good (but Hoya makes a lot of lines and it's only the "Pro1" line that have the reputation.)

You should use a hood to keep light form directly shining on the filter or the end of the lens. Since a filter is perfectly flat it can become a source of reflections and "ghosting". Quality anti-reflective coatings will help with that. The B+W "MRC" versions of their filters have their best anti-reflective coatings. They make many of their filters in either a standard version of the filter or the "MRC" version of the filter.

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