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UWO Hockey - 70-200 2.8 Test Run


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Jun 14, 2006
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Toronto, ON
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Picked up a 70-200mm f/2.8 today, and tonight was a men's hockey game between UWO and the Ryerson Rams. UWO raced out to a 2-0 lead, but 5 straight unanswered goals from Ryerson put the game beyond doubt.

Caveat: UWO's site doesn't have the player numbers on it and I didn't pick up a sheet with the team info. My mistake.
















Good stuff, hockey can be tough. I like the action you've caught, but the color seems a little of (blue) and most could use a crop.
nice series. i think #4 is spectacular!
Did you shoot these through the glass? They came out great if you did.
Good work Stu! Nice stop-action stuff, and you did well with the white uniforms against white ice and boards.
Nice shots! I speak from experience here, shooting hockey is tough. Extremely tough. One, the lighting in a lot of arenas is subpar at best. Two, well, there's glass between you and the action using the best perspective. And three, it is an extremely fast sport. I've been using a fixed 180mm f/2.8 Nikon for my shooting, but I'm picking up a 70-200 VR soon, and these shots just make me more excited for that focal range. Very nice shooting here, Stu is it? Just curious, auto-focus or manual-focus?
nice series

PS: I’ve hear that collapse rubber light hood are nice to have, so than when a player hits the glass that you’re shooting thru the camera does not push in to your eye as fast, giving you a spit second more to react
Nice shots...hockey is way too white for me though...
Like #9, great angle. Like how you caught it right after the good ol 'Stang took the shot.
Wow, thanks for all the replies, all.

Couple responses...

LeSeur - Yep. Just found some spots at the right angle without too many puck/check marks on it, so it was fairly clear shooting, especially when pressed right up against the glass (ie: I forgot about anything in my third of the offensive zone between the boards and faceoff circle)

Trenton - Auto-focus all the way. Servo mode is a dream, and high-speed shooting is nice, though I usually only end up with 2-3 frames/scene anyway. Hockey's too fast for manual focus, unfortunately.

Jeff - The hood is nice because it means I can push right up against the glass without worrying about my lens at all. With a 70-200, I wouldn't be using it when the player's up against my pane anyway, but with a wider angle lens, I can see it maybe coming in handy for the reaction

Can't wait to try this out with some different sports, now :)
Those are some nice shots! I love hockey :heart: but I don't have that nice lens you got to take amazing pictures. :) Job well done! :wink:
Those are great pictures.. I have a heart for hockey, so I am particularly interested in these.
Can I ask what your settings were?

I had to laugh when I saw #5, I saw the name Topping and immediately thought about pizza... then #6 there's a big ad for Domino's.

Great series

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