Vacation! Cabo!!


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Jun 15, 2012
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Plano, TX
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Wanted to share a few of my fun Cabo vacation pics! I'm calling them "pics" - totally against my policy to refer to images as pics - but, since I did not take them, and it was a point and shoot. . . you get the idea. :)

Sexy mama!! How you doin?!!
Nice (but you have something in your hair! ;) lol!)

Haven't been to Cabo since the early 80's... how was it?
No diving. . . the deal was pretty much: sleep, eat, drink, pool, beach. Somewhere in the middle of all that was an iguana assault. I seriously had to pay that guy in pesos to take his iguanas and leave us alone. Best trip ever!
I'm pretty sure I would have aaacttuallyyyy DIED. lol You were a good sport I see!
Looks like you had a blast. When in Cabo it usually is drink, eat ,drink, sun, drink, water, drink and drink till you fall asleep.

Now that you showed these I'm sure there are a few here who wish they were iguanas so they could crawl all over you. lol

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