Valentine's Day Roses C&C Please


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Jul 8, 2008
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My boyfriend got me roses for Valentine's Day, and I took the opportunity to get some shots. Here's the only one I really like.
C&C, Please. Any comments appreciated! :)
its a bit underexposed and u could of used some more ambient light. also its a little grainy.

but i like the composition.
I really like how deep the colors are, and I like the lighting. The shadows seem really moody and dramatic to me, which is great for this shot.

I sort of wish the background was a little blurry, because my eyes keep going to the rose in the upper left.

Really cool shot!
Thanks for the comments. :)

I will edit the lighting a bit tomorrow, just to see.

I haven't quite figured out my camera yet and didn't know how to change DOF to make the other roses blurred. I'll take this into consideration next time, though. :) Thanks!
There is nothing technically wrong with this photo. There is enough range from shadows to light. "Dark" does not mean "underexposed". Well done.
I like it very well done it has a very slightly dark feeling to it.

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