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Sep 13, 2010
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Here is another shot I was having fun with as I have been going through my old shots and giving them a little life. Hope you enjoy


For me, this is just calling for a panoramic image, there's nothing much going on top and bottom so you'd not loose out by cropping it, I think you'll have a much stronger image.

I don't normally like to look up the data on an image, it always feels like I'm second guessing a photographer, but in this case I have to say I did.

An aperture of f5.2 would, for me, not be suitable for landscape, if I were taking the image I set this to f16 at the very least, decreasing the shutter speed to 1/125s and giving much sharper subjects in the background.

Overall the image is a little soft, I'd imagine a mixture of both compression and your camera sensor. I'd like to see sharper lines around the buildings. The colour is also a bit chalky, again I think this is reflective of the sensor in the camera. It's interesting, on your B&W conversion you posted, I can see now why the image lacked punch, it's not reflective on you.

Unfortunately your camera doesn't offer the options I'm referring to, this is where you will see some of the restrictions of compacts over even cheap SLRs.

Hope this helps

Fantastic! I rarely get input like this and I really appreciate it. Ya I wish I had an SLR at the time but it was this trip that really made me think that it was time to get one and really begin to study photography. Believe me I am glad I did. Thanks again.
Looks very soft. and seems lifeless.
needs to be more sharp
I wouldnt waste too much time on this picture though.

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