Very strange lightroom crop difference????


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Feb 4, 2011
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I normally print my photos through Picassa, as I have until now found it found it simple and effective.

Today I went to print a few 5x7 inch prints borderless. Some shots were edited from my Nikon, others were edited from an Olympus m4/3rds camera (All shots edited in lightroom). All shots were cropped 5x7 and exported at 300 ppi long side 2100. This of course resulted on all images being 2100 by 1500 pixels in size. However for some reason the Olympus edited files are not as big in physical size as the nikons. What I mean is that the Olly shots leave a white border of approx 3 millimeters on the bottom of a 5x7 print, borderless. Even in the preview before the print the preview shows a border on the bottom.

Its almost like the exported jpeg is now 2100 x 1400 on the olly shots (details say its 2100x1500). The Nikon files fill the 5x7 frame as they should.

I am baffled by this. Has anyone any ideas?
The aspect ratio of your Nikon photos is 3:2 which is a rectangle whose long side is 1.5x longer than the short side.
The aspect ratio of your Oly is 4:3 which is less of a rectangle and the long side is only 1.33x longer than the short side.

A 5x7 (7:5 aspect ratio) has the long side 1.4 times longer than the short side. 1.33x is less than the print aspect ratio.
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Thanks Kmh. I know that. I cropped myself to 5:7 ratio for a print size.

It turns out Olympus seem to have a bit of text embedded into files. Picassa seems to see it, but I can turn text off. It's a weird set up, but if I had text on it gives a border where the text should be, I had text selected white.

As I said it's strange, but sorted now

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