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Jan 1, 2016
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Today I have a Panasonic HDC-TM700 camcorder, which I have used for some years. I have mainly used it for filming of competitions and dog training, and it has worked fine for that, but I would like to replace it with something more high tech. I understand that SLR cameras have become good at video and that perhaps is the way to go if you want something that is semi-pro? I am looking for a camera that I will use when I am on trips for nature pictures / movies and I also want to use it for video of competitions, which I have used my Panasonic camera. I am curious about what kind of advice and recommendations you can give me. Should I perhaps continue using Panasonic camera for filming competitions, where you have only one attempt to do it right, and use a new one for more nature filming or could I combine it? I guess in that case should have a camera with good auto focus, so that I can get friends to film as well, which does not necessarily have the knowledge other than zoom.

The Panasonic camera gives good quality, but with the heavy YouTube compression, it becomes reduced significantly. I understand that it will happen regardless of the camera, but I see that others manage to get better picture quality on YouTube videos than me. I would like to have the ability to connect an external microphone, but this is perhaps common? I see that there is limited amount of choices with 4k cameras now, is that something that is just around the corner, and maybe something I should wait for since I am not in a hurry?
I know very little about video but I do know few cameras that are excellent video and good stills

Panasonic GH4
Sony A7RII
Sony A7SII

BTW all are mirrorless, if you want DSLR then I believe Canon 70D is known to do good video. But it will not do 4K
I also heard in a review someone say my Nikon D750 does good video and so does Canon T6S and Nikon D5500 but they all also dont do 4K while the mirrorless I listed above does do in body 4K.

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