Video editing software: what are you using?


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Nov 24, 2011
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I'm a newbie with video editing. What are you using to edit videos from your camcorders or digital cameras? How did you settle on a package? Thanks.
I use iMovie from Mac it's awesome super easy for beginners. I first tried avid liquid for pc it was a nightmare
I'm using Premiere Pro at the moment. It now seems to be taking over from Final Cut.

I've used Media 100, Speed Razor, Vegas, various versions of Avid, Premiere and Final Cut down through the years.
Adobe After Effects....very nice.
I use AE, but I wouldn't call it a video editor - it's rather basic for that particular purpose, isn't it?
Works for me...the only video I do is for work....Product Manuals and junk. I add an arrow here and there...and slice up some shots.....all I ever used it for. Oh...and add fire and lightning when I'm bored. lol
Any linux gurus have an open source one that they like?
Cinelerra looks promising but never used it.
Sony Vegas Pro ,
It's easy to handle too, I didn't realy manage to learn how to use Adobe After Effects or Premiere ,
but Sony Vegas got some really cool stuff, and easy to learn all by yourself and some basics tutorials on the internet,
I have same opinio as Kira92. Sony Vegas is petty good, but it is not cheap one :/
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