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Feb 20, 2009
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Richmond, VA
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Will I have vignetting if I use a UV filter with a 18-50mm lens? I had a problem with a cir-polarizer until I got a thin filter, but I'm wondering if I'll have a problem with a Hoya 58mm DMC PRO1 Digital Multi-Coated UV. Any thoughts? Thanks
You should have no problem with a UV filter. As far as the CP is concerned, I have read of people having vignetting with super wide angle lenses, like the 10-20mm, and this is usually solved with the thin filters like you have installed.
It depends on the lens, really. You shouldn't have a problem, but some lenses vignette at 18mm even without a filter.

The solution? Buy one. If it vignettes and you're not happy with it, return it. If a UV filter is that important to you you could buy a slim version.
Thanks. I'll get one and see how it goes.

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