Vintage Bulb Selfie


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Apr 19, 2010
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Yucca Valley, Ca
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So I've had these vintage bulbs and hanging sockets on my wishlist at Amazon for a while. This past weekend I got a notice on my phone that they were on a lighting deal, so I naturally had to buy them immediately. When they came in I figured I'd try and set them up to get a feel for how I can arrange them for an image. This shot is a comp of a few images from that experimenting.

Bulb Selfie

by tltichy, on Flickr​
The inside of the collar should be a bit more illuminated and the globes are clear so you should be able to see some of the collar within the globe to give it less of a cutout appearance ...buut in saying all this I still think it's a good image :)
Cool, the lighting of the shirt is wrong, but it's an interesting pic. Keep refining the concept and it will be great.
I love the concept. Keep at it. Keep refining it

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