vista coloration problems

i am reinstalling my desktop pc at the moment.

decided for XP again, no vista. never had problems there.

Good for you Alex. We run Win2000 pro, Win2000 server, XP and Vista. Vista is a memory hog, slow, and still very buggy. I love the PC hardware, and if Apple would port their OS to the PC I might run it. I just think Mr. Softy needs a house cleaning. Sort of like buying a new car and being told your brakes will be enabled in SP3.
I like other features of Vista and I wasn't trying to flame, it just gets frustrating. Now that I look at it again I really was not flaming, nothing was negative I was just pointing out an issue and saying how to fix it. No harm done =).

I'm sorry, I realize you're not flaming...but I'm trying to help you understand that sometimes you just have to work out the details yourself. Microsoft can't test every piece of hardware...and sometimes it's the manufacturer of the hardware's fault...they're usually the ones who make the "special" drivers.

OSX !!!!!!!!!!!

All of your problems will disappear I have OS X, and it's nice...but it doesn't suddenly make everything work. Plus, if you have a crappy monitor, you're screwed...
Now, the iMac and Macbook have monitors built in...but only the iMac's monitor is any use for editing...

Stuff still needs to be configured for both.

PS - I actually have both...they're both great...neither is better for colour accuracy...that would make no sense.

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