I like the lighting, and I feel like the focus is sharp and the shot is exposed well, but I'm not a fan of the cropping. Having his arm cut off and the top of his head cut off lead my eyes to the edge of the photo in multiple places and it becomes distracting. I also feel like he is wearing too many accessories and that his styling in general clashes in an unflattering way with the backdrop. The pattern of the shirt and damask backdrop just aren't doing it for me, and there are so many accessories that I can't decide if the focal point is the watch, the ring, the glasses, or the cigarette. It's too much for my liking. Also, I feel like the selective color effect paired with the damask backdrop is painfully reminiscent of photos from The Picture People, a cheap mall portrait franchise. I would know, I used to work there and would cringe any time I had a RARE customer ask me to do it to one of their photos. It looks cheap to me.
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I think Dan pretty much nailed it. This, IMO, is a really good attempt at fashion photography that doesn't quite hit the mark. VERY close, but not quite.
The background wallpaper is very distracting, and actually seems to be the visual emphasis of the shot...several ostensibly "key" areas fall into deep,detail-less shadows, but the wallpaper shines brightly.

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