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Jul 7, 2013
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I all, I just recently joined this forum and see that there are a lot of helpful people her. I have a client and good friend who is an artist, paintings. I have made copies of the paintings for him and he has been selling these reproductions. he would like to do this on a larger scale. We have used H&H to make a couple prints and they are beautiful but he wants a bargain price so he can sell these prints and make a profit. We have even tried Costco with some good and bad results. Does anyone know of a decent lab doing canvas prints in a volume for a good price. I have done a Google search but not come up with much helpful info. We have even talked about going overseas for this. for the most part, time is not a real issue.

thanks in advance. Roy
Your best bet would be to find a company who produces these and call them up directly about getting a price break for a larger order. Some even have wholesale prices for photographers (if you're reselling them, that is). Go for a company who specializes in canvas prints; you should find the quality is better than when it's done by a company who does a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a touch of that.... and so on. Not always the case, but it tends to stand true.

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