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May 22, 2013
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Puerto Rico
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Took this picture a few months ago at the botanical garden in Caguas its a old wagon out front. Since i just got my pictures linked from my Media Server to my Mac i can get some oldedones as i sort through and post some up. I am not a professional im barly a beginner lol so any comments would be great.

Not sure the details as i took it so long ago it was shot with D300 and i think a 14mm 2.8

Nice texture!

I think I might have played with a few angles to see if there wasn't a way to compose this that leaves that motorcycle out of the background. That was unfortunate (just today I was doing some shots and the ONLY house on the block that didn't take in their trash cans was the house that was going to end up in the background of my shot. I had to pick a different angle.)

Back off your saturation and sharpening. You've left a "halo" around the wagon and tree trunks (especially visible if you look at the tree trunks next to the "blue" sky in that center tree... but you can actually see that halo in all the trees and around the wagon. It's often the result of over-sharpening.)

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