Waiting for the Light


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Dec 28, 2007
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I just happened upon this. Tell me what you think. I need to read into ISO settings more i think.
Just what I think?

Well, immediate thoughts as they come flying through my head:

The light is already there, so why is the title "Waiting for the light"?

Who left a desk chair out there?

What is this blurriness? It must be some pp thing

The photo is too widely cropped, with too much empty space at the top and on the left - it would be more exciting if, for example, the actual light source weren't to be seen, nor the tree trunk on the left, or maybe only just a little of it.

I don't like the pp, blurring out most.

Keep in mind that I typed out the brainstorm I was having upon first seeing this. Unfiltered. But you asked us to tell you what we think. So I did ;).
Don't be bashful. I much appreciate all your comments. I've been a "photographer" for all of 3 weeks now. I'm welcome to all comments and suggestions.

The blurring is more me just trying to play around in Picasa
Well, it sure shows that you are now walking the world with some more attention to what may make a good photo, and that is the first step in the right direction! And you handled the light well, I should say, for photographing into the light is no easy feat!

But I still feel that you might want to think about the composition of this one ... much of it is good already, and this frame offers plenty of room for experiments with "creative cropping".
will do. thanks. I'll repost when I come back n something I like.
I like the idea behind this shot, and the execution suits it well. Maybe it needed more of a "payoff than the empty chair - perhaps someone in it? Just a thought.

Regards, Tony

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