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Aug 17, 2013
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I use canon 60D, lens 18-200. What settings do u guys recommend using while taking pictures of wakeboaders. What to use when its sunny and what to use if its cloudy.
A circular polarizing lens (cpl), high F stop (16, 22 or higher), fast aperture. Or put it on aperture priority and set the ISO at 100 or 200 and let the camera set for proper exposure.
So politely the generic answer is "It Depends" if your shooting in manual mode there is no magic setting for any shot, you can take the same picture twice and have to use different settings.

I would research the exposure triangle to get a better understanding.
Spot metering
Servo (continuous) auto focus
Aperture priority (f/5.6)
A shutter speed no longer than 1/500 (You have to keep an eye on it in the viewfinder, because the camera will be controlling the shutter speed)
Let the ISO float (auto)
White balance set to Auto

The 18-200 lens is a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none lens. Many, many design compromises had to made to achieve the 11x+ zoom range.

I see your 1/1600th, and I raise you a:

1 second exposure, f/8-11, ISO 100, gyroscope to maintain camera position fairly well, hefty neutral density filter to make that possible and approximately 1/2-3/4 properly exposed with available light, and then a strong flash set to rear curtain to capture the wakeboarder frozen at the end, with an artistically blurred fan of water behind.

Because why not? Also, because I want to make the point that any particular set of settings for an entire sport is a pretty silly and restrictive concept, and there's no real answer to this thread.
oh heh okay. I sort of suspected at first with the oddly specific choice of 1/1600 but then second guessed myself =P
Thanks guys. Will try taking pictures this week and post them. One more thing When I want to blur the background I usually put it at AV mode and set it at the lowest aperture possible. Will this work with wakeboarding since I'll be a bit far away from the rider or is there a better way to do it

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