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Feb 5, 2012
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My wife and I went to the park to take some pictures. A lot of my shots came out overexposed because I messed up the settings, but I liked this one and decided to mess with it in post a little bit. I'm ok with brutal honesty, so lay into it! Thanks.

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You did a good job with the selective color.
Its cute, take that for what you will. Also, I agree with Jeweler that you did the selective color tastefully. I have no doubt it holds emotional significance, and that means more then any CC, so I won't touch it beyond what I've already said ;)

However, I would love to see a photo vertically framed (to cut off that extra tree and such on the right). Maybe with the bridge on the right, and that great power-line-alley leading off through the trees in the distance over the creek.
I really like this, its a neat shot and one that works quite well with selective coloring.
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Togalive - I took your advice and cropped it so that it was framed vertically, and I think I'm inclined to agree with you.

I would have liked to see yall walking towards the frame as opposed to away. You lose a lot of the magic when you cant see the face. A shot on the bridge might have been a bit nicer too. Here on the path you see the powerlines in the background where had you shifted the angle to bridge they would have been out of the frame.
I can't stop seeing the power lines... also black as a selective color set against the darkest tones of the photo doesn't "pop" for me.

edit: also.. the selective color makes it look like it's freezing
I find it boring. And the nature photographers nemesis (power lines) makes an appearance. XP

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