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Jan 8, 2006
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St helens, England
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Thanks for that. this memorial dates back to the 1st world war, and was funded by (I think) Lord Derby, as it is on a road junction just on the very edge of the Lord Derby Estate. There is more to it than just the soldier though, as it is a memorial to the fallen & their families, so there is also a statue of a woman (?greiving wife??). There is a little bit of class elitism in it though, as from the kit carried by the soldier it is clearly meant to represent an officer, as opposed to a "tommy aitkins" private.



You might also realise that the photo of the poppies isn't the same war memorial.
I like the woman as well... If I am not mistaken after world war one times were hard in england.. could be the class thing was just because they are the ones who had the money and not intentional at all. Especially if it is done by a private citizen.

They just found an old world war one momument here recently. When I get my newest retro ready to go. I think I will go down to shoot it. I imagine ours will look a bit different but I'm not even sure of that.
This memorial is quite unusual in that it has figures depicted. Most war memorials in the UK take the form of a cenotaph, or simple column, with names of local fallen soldiers on it, and a lot of towns have a monument that includes names from WW1 up to modern times ; I'm not sure if names from the current gulf conflict have been included, I know ones from the 1982 falklands conflict have.

My grandfather's name is on the one in my home town, as he was killed in WW2.

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