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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
This was taken with a 350D using a canon 28-105 f3.5-4.5 II USM lens at 46mm focal, ISO 100, 0.6 sec exposure, f5.6. Hope those are all the techy details you'll ever need!

Here's the problem, when I took this shot I was trying to convey the warmth of the environment but the shot has ended up looking very cold and distant. I need the colours to convey more warmth and for the buildings (well, shacks) to be more bold. Could someone give me a few pointers in the right direction? It is possible to re-shoot so suggestions in that direction are welcome as well although I can only get this angle on the shot due to access problems.


Please crit away!!

Thanks for looking
The focus is off on the buildings under the lights. Were you using a tripod? Other then focus, I would play with the WB, It is definately off, but that may of been the look you were going after.
I don't think color balance is going to do it for me. There is nothing in the subject that suggests warmth, so a warm color balance will only make me think that the wrong film or WB was used for the type of lights present. It looks like a construction site at night, so given that context, it seems cold, distant, and lonely, even if it's a warm place during the day.
C.R.D> I wasn't using a tripod but I had the camera resting on a pile of books looking out of the window, I'm pretty sure the focus was fine but I think that as it was such a windy day there waas a bit of shake there as the others I took the same way had some very noticable streaking to them.

Markc> This is a construction site taken at night so you're right, not much to make it feel warm in the composition, the reason that I took the shot was the warm colours coming from the 3 floodlights which made a cold and wet day appear a bit more calm and nice. I'm sure I've probably overexadurated the colours in my memory and the colour balance though!

Ahh well, I think I'll put this down to a learning experience!!! Thanks for the honest opinions guys, much appreciated :)
the colours are warm already i think.

i think also some vignetting would help this photo

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