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Oct 28, 2012
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comments appreciated :)
Technically it's an acceptable image, but artistically, there doesn't seem to be anything to hold my eye. The bulk of the scene is a large open, relatively featureless area, and the buildings on the periphery are small enough in the frame to be of little interest. I would suggest either moving farther back to capture a broad panorama, or moving in much closer to capture detail in the buildings. Waiting until there was a streetcar in the foreground may have provided the needed visual 'hook' as well.
It's not level -- watch your horizontal and vertical lines. But that's easily straightened with digital tools (back in my film days, I'd have been in trouble with my boss for turning in un-level images).

I'm looking at the geometry of the street-car wires and I'm wondering if you'd be able to make something interesting of that by lowering the camera down to near-street level and helping the wires stand out a bit more against the sky. It would be more interesting to get a focal point... someone walking across the street or riding a bicycle (but not so far away that they're insect-size... they need to close enough to provide interest.)

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